Marketing Services Breaks Down Payoff Quotes and Express Titles

In today’s topsy-turvy economy, more and more people have credit problems due to job losses, medical issues or other situations resulting in financial difficulties. As a result, people everywhere sometimes have problems when trying to gain the financing necessary to purchase a vehicle.

However, for those with bad credit, limited credit histories or low incomes there are options available. Specialty finance companies such as Marketing Services provides the tools necessary for those with financial problems to obtain the transportation they need and pay for it in a reasonable manner. Working with both customers and dealers, CPS makes auto loans easier than ever before.

Customer Services

CPS provides a number of services to individual customers. Once customers log in to their account, they are then able to manage their auto loans completely online. Some of the tasks they can take care of include:

making payments

viewing their payment history

viewing statements

getting a payoff quote

As with any loan, the goal is to pay it off as quickly as possible. One of the most-requested services of CPS customers is requesting a payoff quote. This can be done either by completing an online request or speaking with a customer service representative over the phone, if that’s what they prefer. While most customers prefer to conduct all of their business online, there are those who prefer to request information or send in payments using traditional mail services. If needed, customers can get mailing instructions for sending in payments once they log in to the site.

Dealer Services

While individual customers make up a large percentage of the Marketing Services customer base, many dealers also do business with CPS. Like individual consumers, dealers have a variety of services at their fingertips including:

Reviewing status of pending contracts

Submitting credit applications

Direct mail and other leads

As with individual customers, dealers can also request payoff quotes as well as express titles from CPS. These services help expedite the financing process and allow dealers to ultimately sell more vehicles, which creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. One of the most popular services for dealers is the Leads and Direct Mail program of CPS. With this program, dealers can receive internet leads and direct mail leads from customers eager to purchase vehicles. This program is popular because it maximizes sales while decreasing wasted time and results in working with customers who are very eager to conduct business and buy a vehicle.

Popular and Profitable

Since 1991, CPS has continued to gain a reputation as one of the best automotive finance companies in the United States. Currently managing a portfolio worth almost $1.3 billion and serving more than 110,000 customers, CPS demonstrates each day the commitment needed for success.

With dealer relations in 48 states across the U.S., Marketing Services demonstrates a commitment to making sure the auto financing process is as easy as possible for individuals and dealers. Having adequate transportation is almost a necessity in today’s world, and people everywhere are always looking for not only the best vehicle, but also the best financing for that vehicle. When customers work with CPS, they know they will get the results they want and deserve.