10 Projects The Whole Family Can Take Part In

We are all looking for ways to enjoy our time with family. There is no need to mortgage the house or travel on fancy trips. Sure it’s hard to get up and get out, but put down the technology and get moving together. Here are ten great projects that everyone in the family can enjoy.


1. Grow Something: Building a garden or filling the planters with new life is so much fun. Kids love to get their fingers dirty and it is a wonderful chance to teach some valuable life lessons about caring for living things and watching those things produce food and flowers we all get to enjoy. Starting from seeds indoors is fun on a rainy day and cheap.

2. Build It: There are tons of simple plans online for forts, teepees or cardboard playhouses. It is amazing how much kids are craving to be a part of the imagination process and prefer our imperfect creations over the pristine store bought products. Kids can use paints or markers to give it their personal touch.

3. Leaves: Raking is not typically the project we look forward to. Turn this chore into family fun by making a game of tag using the piles of leaves as the safe base. Stuff canvas bags with the leaves and make scarecrows for your garden.

4. Chickens Are Fun: So many urban neighborhoods allow chickens. If you are up to the commitment, make a project to build a chicken coop. Together your family can raise the chicks, feed and water them daily and harvest their eggs when it is time.

5. Wash Everything: At least once a year it is a great idea to wash down the patio furniture. Drag out the buckets, scrub brushes, dish soap and get the kids involved. Kids love anything that involves a water hose! Also wash down the kids’ outdoor toys and have them feel responsible for the care of their own things.

6. Birds: Home improvement stores often have an hour course for families to build their own birdhouse from a kit. Build a bird house from a kit or from scratch. There are very simple bird feeders you can make with a peanut butter slathered pine cone rolled in birdseed.

7. Crafting: Painting tea towels or t-shirts can be an inexpensive craft for the family to enjoy and feel proud again every time your helpers dry the dishes. Lay out stamps, stencils, paints, brushes and pictures for inspiration.

8. Experiment: Create a lab experiment to solve a problem or answer a question. Many websites and books out there make this very easy to get started. Encourage kids to use the scientific method and track their findings.

9. Cookies: Or any kind of cooking that can benefit from an assembly line. Of course the measuring and mixing is fun for the kids, use fun shaped cookie cutters, then decorate with icing and candies.

10. Help Others: Volunteer a day at a soup kitchen or make parcels for soldiers overseas. Remembering how lucky you are to be a family is a great feeling.

Family time is so precious and can be free and fun. Don’t forget to keep your camera handy for family project day and make it something everyone looks forward to.