How To Successfully Remodel Your Outdated Bathroom

For homeowners who are considering a remodel, the bathroom is often first on the list. Outdated design elements and fixtures that are showing signs of wear and tear will begin to take their toll on the entire family. To ensure a successful bathroom remodel, there are a few fundamentals to keep in mind.

A Rock Solid Plan

A working set of plans is critical. As small and manageable as a bathroom remodel might seem, it’s a combination of all building trades, and the project needs to be well orchestrated in order to be a success.

Whether you hire a designer, contract a builder with design experience, or you’re able to draft the plans on your own, be patient and cover your bases. Avoid the temptation to bypass the planning stage.

Schedule Your Time

We all have shortcomings when scheduling a home remodeling project. Typically this is reflected in our time estimates. While it’s easy to make promises about getting things done quickly, it’s better in the long run to be honest with yourself.

Bathrooms, and plumbing projects in general, are a tricky project to schedule. If you’re living in a home with only one bathroom it makes sense to get the family out of the house for the duration of the project. Reinstalling a toilet at the end of each workday is a colossal waste of time and energy. With an empty house, there are no distractions and the remodel will go much more smoothly.

Finish work will always take longer than expected. Never put yourself in a situation where you’re rushing finish work in preparation for the family’s return. Always give yourself a buffer and don’t waste it on long lunches and afternoons fishing. Schedule your time wisely, and everyone will be happy in the end.

Embrace Innovation

It’s enough that your bathroom is outdated, don’t follow the same path when considering your design options. Innovations in materials, accessories, and fixtures offer homeowners wonderful opportunities when remodeling.

Don’t settle for a particular method or material, simply because it’s in your comfort zone. From the latest in laminate flooring to green fixtures with an eye on the environment, there’s a whole new world of products available for your bathroom remodeling project.

Learn To Browse

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, it’s probably a given that you understand the fundamentals of a bathroom remodel. That being said, take the time to explore the latest trends in home renovation and remodeling.

Whether it’s watching DIY programming on cable or flipping through a selection of magazines, take in as much information as you can. There is an amazing amount of talent out there, and there is nothing wrong with tapping into their thought process.

Build on your fundamental knowledge by taking cues from leading designers and DIY experts. Your family will appreciate your open-minded approach.

Know When To Call The Pros

Whenever there is a question about your ability to tackle a project, never be hesitant to call a professional. If you’re concerned about the budget, try and imagine the cost when a professional has to gut your work, before they begin their own.

Remodeling an outdated bathroom can be a rewarding project when you’ve approached it the right way. Never take the size of the room for granted. While bathrooms might be small, they still demand the same attention that any other project does.