5 Things to Consider When Buying Outdoor Tiles

There are many different types of outdoor tiles to choose from but not all the tiles have the best properties and same features. Every tile style is different from each other. Thus you need to be wise when buying outdoor tiles for your property. Outdoor tiles have great impact on the outdoors, because they give true value to your property. Assume if the outdoor is not attractive you will get an impression that the indoor too won’t be attractive. And moreover the weather outside could cause a lot of damage to your outdoor tiles and can create big impacts on them, so here I have listed 5 things that you need to consider when buying outdoor tiles for your property:

glass-mosaic-tile1) Check if your vitreous tile absorbs less than 3% of its weight in water. If you are buying an impervious tile, it should absorb less than 0.5 % of its weight in water. Make sure that you select porcelain or natural stone tiles under these styles.

2) Make sure that you select smaller tiles because bigger ones are more difficult to lay on uneven surfaces which are often found in outdoor of the property. Also make sure that you select an appropriate design according to the outdoor space of your property.

3) Try to select a non-slip tile style for your outdoors. You don’t want to put your lives and possessions in danger right. So you obviously wouldn’t select smooth and slippery tiles for your outdoor placement. In order to make sure that you outdoor tiles are non-slippery, look for a rougher texture for example dimples and less polished finish would confirm you that your selected outdoor tiles are really non-slippery tiles.

glass-mosaic-tile-24) Let the shop dealer know that you want a tough glaze on your non-porcelain ceramic tiles to ensure that you get extra durability. This should ensure heavy-duty performance and ease-of-use both. Also consider going for dark colors because light colors would get dirty much easier due to weather conditions or other situations.

5) Be sure to select standard sized ceramic floor tiles which measure at 30cm x 30cm. These outdoor tiles are the least expensive ones available in the market. Only porcelain tiles and larger tile formats would be priced too high, while glass mosaic tiles are also very expensive.

So if you are really not on a spending-spree budget, go for standard ceramic tiles or if possible, buy porcelain tiles.

These are just some of the things that you may want to consider when buying outdoor tiles. Always remember that you have to be practical when choosing one. You should not just rely on the design, when it is not in best quality. Neither should you rely on the styles, when it does not really match your entire house, otherwise it would look awkward and drab.

Did these tips help you in buying ideal outdoor tiles for your property? Share with us your experiences! Let us know it the comments!