6 Cool Examples Of People Turning Trash Into Treasure

We all know that recycling is not only good for the environment, but it can also save money in the long run. Yet it seems as if some people have more talent for discovering hidden potential in everyday objects than others. If you have seen many clever ideas for recycling seemingly useless junk into valued items, but you feel you have no idea how to get started, below are a few ideas to consider.

First example: Even in today’s e-reader filled world, books are invaluable carriers of knowledge and information. The trick is to find an effective way of connecting the right reader with the right book even across thousands of miles or several continents. Selling old books you do not want or need on an internet bookstore platform is a great way of turning your trash into cash, which you can spend on any treasure your heart desires.

Second example: All households have still functional but no longer used extra clothing on hand, whether it is a pair of jeans that shrunk in the wash or an out of style shirt. Instead of throwing away sturdy materials and decorative patterns, make them into reusable shopping bags you can gift, sell, or donate.

Third example: No longer used old wine and liquor barrels make great bases for furniture and functional home décor pieces. A large wine barrel makes an ideal pedestal for a sink, and you can build a handy storage wall out of a series of smaller rum barrels along a hallway.

Fourth example: In small and large building projects alike, you can make use of reclaimed wood for beams and decorative wall paneling from older structures. Refinished timeworn doors make great work surfaces, and reclaimed wood planks can be a good option as a flooring alternative.

Fifth example: All those colored wine and olive oil bottles, broken flower planters, and leftover tiles you love to admire but hate to throw away can be easily made into mosaic garden steps or tabletop decorations. Once you learn the basics of mosaic design, you can cover any surface such as trivets, backsplashes, or frames with this technique. Alternately, you can use a rock tumbler to make polished and rounded glass pebbles for decorations.

Sixth example: Many people are quite good about using leftover food in meals, but a very few would think about purposefully purchasing foods that are about to go bad. The truth is you can easily turn overripe fruit into jam and enjoy the considerable savings from the discounts markets and grocery stores place on these produce in the hopes of moving them off the shelf quickly. You can use well cleaned, recycled jars for storing your vitamin rich treasures to enjoy during the winter months, to share with family and friends, or to sell at your local farmer’s market.

Treasure means different things for different peoples and you never know what will come handy a few months or a year from now. When you run across a great design or ingenious idea you find particularly appealing, snap a photo or make a note of it for future reference. As your collection accumulates, so will your creativity for turning your own trash into treasure others admire.