Four Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet


Making a carpet last longer would help if it was vacuumed. Dust, sand, fibers, gravel, clay and dirt are easily removed using this method. Those dry soils make carpets dirty and weaken the carpet fibers which shorten the life of it. Develop a routine to vacuum your carpet and remove up to 95 percent of all dry soil in carpets–every time. It also keeps those same particles from blending in with the indoor air. Not vacuuming results in the dirt being piled up with new dirt on top of it and that dirt gets new dirt and so on. In other words the dirt becomes hard to remove. Be sure to empty the bag/canister of the vacuum cleaner, clean the brushes and use vinegar to clean the cleaner.

Clean the carpet with dry or liquid carpet cleaner. The carpet cleaner will remove dirt, stains and other grime along with preserving the appearance. Clean spots, clean the surface/appearance and let a professional perform restorative cleaning. The best technique to clean a carpet stain is to apply the cleaner and let it set. The stain will lift from the carpet fibers for easy removal. Be sure to use a white cloth to blot stains. Start on the outside and work inside. To remove the stains vacuum cleaners can’t get clean the whole carpet with carpet cleaner and let it sit before removal. Restorative cleaning is about hiring a CRI service provider to handle the job. All must be done for carpet preservation.

The shoes we wear outside can wear down the carpets on the inside. The dirt on shoes grind into carpet every time it’s stepped on. It takes a toll on it, so the best thing to do is to take off your shoes and wear slippers or in-house shoes. Take them off outside before entering or enter and change shoes then. Another way is to place a mat at or near the door. The shoes can stay there while you walk in barefoot or in your socks around the home. In the office use one mat to wipe off dirt from shoes before walking around the rest of the office area.

Moving the carpet to a different area of the office is a simple and effective way to preserve the carpet. Keeping it in the same area will make the same kinds of track marks. Those track marks will wear down the sections of the carpet that are walked on. Moving it to a different area of the room or another room entirely will redirect floor traffic. It will save the walked on areas and let other parts of the carpet take the heavy floor traffic.