How to Get Serious About Asset Management

There are many ways to make wealth, but the truly successful “make their wealth grow.” What are some of the most important financial developments for 2015? Capital shows you how to get serious about asset management by helping with investment choices, risk management and plan development.
World on the Edge

When you listen to the mainstream news, you only get a quick snapshot of what is going on in the world. Successful asset management requires you to look beyond the headlines to understand the core fundamentals. As we pass into a new year, the world financial markets seem to be doing quite well, but what is lurking in the shadows?
Protecting Your Wealth

Wealthy people are always looking for the next emerging market. They need to invest in “income-producing assets” to grow their portfolios. Stocks are reaching high PE ratios with some earnings warnings at the end of 2014. The retail environment is somewhat shaky as consumers deal with high debt loads.

In 2008, investors in the Dow Jones saw the market collapse by 40%. The unprepared lost a lot of money. Isn’t it time to get serious about your asset management?
What is Your Risk Management?

Quick silver capital will find the best returns for investments. While you might have assets in developed countries, the returns might be quite low. Does this conservative risk management plan fit your personality?

Young people might want to chase the higher returns available in developing economies. But which ones can you trust?
European Union is Convulsing

In 2008, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain (PIIGS) were defaulting on their debt. So what has changed? These economies have seen a mild recovery, but other European countries may be nearing the debt cliff. France had its sovereign debt downgraded in December 2014. How will the valuations of European assets be effected?

Getting serious about asset management is about preparing before the bottom falls out. One secret about wealthy people: They don’t follow the herd mentality. If you don’t have a good asset management plan, you will be paying for someone else’s summer home, not your own.
Debt Remains an Issue

Global debt remains a serious concern. It is like an anchor slowing down the global ship. Billionaires like Marc Faber and Jim Rogers have already shifted their assets to a rising Asia.

Can you imagine the potential for a Chinese or Indian automobile manufacturer, when their billions can afford better transportation? Tata Motors has already purchased British Land Rover and Chinese motorcycles are competing with BMW.
Diversification is Key Element of Your Plan

Capital can help you learn about investment strategies to diversify your holdings. These financial asset management advisers will work for you with your best interests at heart. You have a busy life and cannot stay abreast of all the world’s economic developments – but these professionals can.

Building and maintaining wealth is the true challenge. Sit down with the experts at Capital to talk about your financial portfolio. Develop a plan first. financial professionals can help you get serious about your asset management.