7 Easy DIY Bathroom Improvement Steps

You just went out and bought yourself a home, and now you would like to do some remodeling. One room that is easy to remodel and makes a huge improvement in your home would be the bathroom. Installing a new vanity in the bathroom can completely change the entire look of the room. It is quite easy to install a vanity by yourself, and save yourself a ton of money.

STEP 1: Vanity

To install your new vanity, you will need to remove the old vanity. To do this you need to shut off the water, and remove all the water lines. Then you will need to remove the trap from under the sink. Most vanities are just screwed into the walls, so just remove the screws and the vanity should pop right off. Now you will need to locate the studs and mark them with a pencil. Make sure you make the marks a bit higher than the vanity top. Next position the new vanity and push it up tight against both walls. Use a level to make certain that the vanity is even. Next you need to anchor the vanity to the wall, by locating the studs and then screw in 2-1/2″ wall board screws. Then apply caulk to secure the vanity top on to the new vanity.

Day 7? Not much longer…Step 2: Paneling
The second DIY bathroom improvement would be to re-do the flooring and walls. Choose a paneling that is applied to the lower section of a wall, wainscot is a good choice. It is easy to do even for a beginner, for best results stay with neutral colors.

Step 3: Mirrors
The third DIY bathroom improvement you could do is put some mirrors up. They are easy to install and can really change up the bathroom. You can also install a mirror to the back of your bathroom door. You can also touch up chipped wood, replace cracked or chipped tiles, and even change your toilet seat.

Step 4: Shower
The fourth DIY bathroom improvement would be to get new hardware, such as a new shower head or change the cabinet and door handles.

Step 5: Comfort
The fifth DIY bathroom improvement that could really spice it up would be to replace old towels with fluffy new ones and put dimmer switches on the light fixtures.

Step 6: Color
Yet another great DIY bathroom improvement is to paint the walls. Choose a bold color to really make the room appear bigger and add space to the room with illusions.

Step 7: Tub
Another DIY bathroom improvement would be to resurface the bathtub. You can make your old tub look like new just by painting it. Be sure to ear respirators and take adequate measures to protect against tub refinishing chemicals.

giant bathtub

By making just a few easy, inexpensive improvements to your bathroom, you can feel like you have a brand new room in your home to enjoy for many years to come.