Six Home Improvement DYI Projects For All Skill Levels

Home improvement projects leave most people intimidated. While some projects may be difficult for the average person, there are a lot of small projects that a homeowner can complete with ease. Even with a few basic tools the average homeowner can complete these six easy do it yourself project’s.

A Door

A door is an essential part of a house. Most people see the door before they see any other part of the house. To change a door does not require a lot of tools or time. When buying a door at a home improvement store, the homeowner will find that the door is pre-hung. Of course, a homeowner must take accurate measurements and have a large car or truck to transport the door. In the end, a door replacement should take an afternoon.


Old and inefficient toilets are both ugly and wasteful. A lot of homeowners look at a toilet and think they need to hire a plumber. With a few tools, a homeowner can replace their toilet within a few hours. Of course, when replacing a toilet, it is crucial to turn off the water source and precisely follow all the directions. A homeowner only needs a few basic tools to replace a toilet, and a home improvement store will give advice on the tools and steps needed.

toliet in process


Painting the interior or an exterior of the house is both easy and cheap for the homeowner. To paint a room only takes a couple of hours and can add to the beauty of a house. To get started, one would need to buy a few brushes, a bucket and a few gallons of paint.


The kitchen is often the most important room in a house. Countertops that are old and stained take away from the beauty of a kitchen and bring down the value of a house. When replacing countertops with granite, a homeowner can enjoy their kitchen more. It is easy to find beautiful granite and should only take a few hours to replace.


Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink is another essential item in the house. One can install a kitchen sink with a few basic tools. With all plumbing jobs, the homeowner must turn off the water and double-check everything. A sink replacement will add value to the house while also making the homeowner happier.

Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can make an apartment or house look a lot nicer. Not only that, a properly installed ceiling fan will save a homeowner on their energy bills. There are plenty of stylish ceiling fans that a homeowner will enjoy. The cost is low, and it will only take a few hours to complete a ceiling installation.

new ceiling fans 003

Most DIY projects are not difficult as long as the homeowner has plenty of tools. Whatever project a homeowner completes, he or she must read the directions and asks for help when needed.